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Ingames Rule :

1.Please respect and be courteous to the GMs/Staff members and listen to them.

2.No Vulgarities

3.Do not beg or ask for free items, zeny, or anything else.

4.Please do not ask to be a GM/Staff member

5.No Cheating

6.No Hacking

7.Do Not Spam Skills At Town

8.No Advertising Please If u Find A Player Advertising Please @Request Type That He Advertising

9.Do not summon monster in towns,towns exits,training areas or crowded areas.

10.Do Not Litter The Town

11.Verbally assaulting, abusing or harassing other players is forbidden. Anyone caught breaking this rule is subject to punishment. This includes swearing at,ridiculing, or spamming another player. Please report this behavior immediately with evidence screenshots.

12.Impersonating a GM/Staff member is forbidden. If you are caught impersonating them, you will receive an instant ban. This includes having a name similar to a GM's name.

13.Exploiting and doing other things deemed against the rules by a GM will result in an insta-ban. Report all bugs/exploits to the GM team Immediately.

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