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Forum rule

Do not perform or be involved with any of the following:

1. Posting Rules
* Spamming
Spamming includes posting pointless messages or posting pointless topics.
* Posting messages with the sole intention of increasing post count is considered spam.
* Repeated answers on a topic that was obviously already answered on the same thread is also considered a spam depending on the posting time.
* Consecutivly posting in 3 or more off topic topics/guides, whether for post count or not, is considered spam.

2. Double Posting
* Double posting is considered whether its done on a specific thread or topic as long as it is under the same author.
* Use the edit function to avoid double posting
* If necessary PM the Moderating Team for post or topic deletion.

3. Topic Bump
* Bumping a topic is considered as double posting if coming from the same poster and is not allowed.
* One liner posts that is intended for bumping a topic is considered as spam.
* Any form of bump on a topic is not allowed.

4. Repeated Topics
* Avoid posting topics that has been answered multiple times in the past.
* Use the search function to avoid the repeated threads.
* Prioritize reading pinned topics before posting.
* If necessary PM the Moderating Team for topic deletion.

5. Off Topic
* All discussions must be related only to the topic title itself.
* Avoid trailing off the topic.

6. Complaint/Grievance Topics
* If the topic is pertaining to any person on this server, whether it be a player, a GM, a group of players or a group of GMs, a PM must be sent to the person(s). Complaint/grievance topics are absolutely not to be made about others. If you are looking for a public opinion on any person(s), discuss it with your friends elsewhere that is not related to ZeusRO.
* Members are free to air their concerns about the server only, and only if it is constructive. No insults toward the GM team/players/server and/or the decisions of those persons will be tolerated. They are also to be posted in the Suggestions Section only. That also means that the topic must not only have one's constructive concerns written, but a plausible solution must also be named. This applies to the entire topic.

7. Forum Section Posting
* All topics created must be posted on their appropriate sections.
* Any other topic that doesn't belong to any section should be posted on the Trash Section.
* All posts not written in English must be posted on their appropriate Language Support Section, but are allowed in the Guild Discussion Section.

8. Language
* The forum's main language is English and therefore all post must be written in English.
* All posts not written in English must be posted on their appropriate Language Support Section, but are allowed in the Guild Discussion Section.
* At any circumstances a member should not deliberately post content that is incomprehensible to general posting population.
* Any deregatory remark written in any language aside from english will still fall under Verbal Abuse.

9. Verbal Abuse
* No member is allowed to post any defamatory remark to other members, the server or the staff under any circumstances.
* Improper sexual/racial/ethnic or violent posts will also be considered as verbal abuse.
* Do not make personal attacks against anyone, whether it be warranted or not.
* Do not spread false statements (or even true ones that are defamitory) about anyone.
* Flaming and Flame Wars is also covered on this section.

10. Post Format
* Please post legibly.
* Avoid posting in All-caps, excessive punctuation, etc.
* Font type/color/size must be appropriate to the default Forum Skin.

11. Image Use
* All images must be posted on a thumbnail format if they exceed the normal size of the body of the message particularly screenshots with the exception of signatures.
* All images must use an image host or hosted personally. Hotlinking is not allowed.
* Do not post sexually explicit or graphically violent images that may offend others without any proper warning.
* Never post any image that is not actually yours.
* Do not post images that suggest degradation to the server, any player or staff member.

12. Trolling
* A troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory controversial messages in an on-line discussion forum with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional and argumentative response.
* Anyone who entertains the troll shall receive a punishment under flaming.

13. Links
* Do not post any links linking to Scam Sites, Bogus Sites, Browser-Bombs, Abnormal Pop ups, Bots and Third Party Programs, and any link that pertains to illegal activities, annoying, abnormal and dangerous site.
* All links containing these are immediately deleted.

14. Server Advertisement
* Any post containing any reference to other servers shall be deleted or covered.
* Authors shall be handled accordingly as well according to the System of Sanctions.

15. Real Money Trading/Intraserver Trading
* Trading of real money to any virtual items on this or any other entity is not allowed.
* Server to server trade is also not allowed.
* Any advertisement of such act is not allowed.
* Topics under this category shall be closed immediately.

16. Plagiarism
* Plagiarising, no matter how big or small is not allowed.
* Plagiarism doesn't affect just guides, it affects all sections on the forum.
* To avoid plagiarism, please give credit by giving the original author's name and site/source you got it from.
* Topics under this category shall be closed immediately and the author of the topic dealt with under the System of Sanction.

17. Forum Profiles
* Forum profiles are for letting other users know who you are and what your interests are.
* Forum profiles are not to be used for degrading any player, the server or anyone from the GM Team.
* Nothing under any other forum rules is allowed to be in profiles, such as bad links, verbal abuse, crude avatars/profile pictures, etc.
* Profiles found breaking this rule will be punished and all content removed.

18. Forum Account
* A member should only have one forum account.
* Any member caught using 2 identities to flame, cheat poll results, troll or any such acts will be dealt severely.
* Any improper naming conventions is not allowed
* Impersonating a known player, member, GM is also not allowed

19. Signature Rules
* All signatures must not exceed 500 px long by 150px high including text and images.
* Signature must not contain any profanity or defamatory remark.
* All forum rules apply to signatures.

20. Player Report Rules
* Only the GMs, the character in question and the reporter themselves are allowed to answer in the report.
* A screenshot is required in every report that can show the violators in question as a proof.
* Adherence to the Player Report Guidelines is strictly required.
* Any alteration done on a screenshot will be deemed invalid.
* Any intentional misinformation - Posting edited screen shots to accuse someone, using duplicate accounts to trick people, posting hoax statements and the likes is not allowed as well.
* All accepted reports will merit either a ban or jail time to the violator in accordance to the System of Sanction and the GM team's judgement.
* Appeals could be made by posting on the report itself or if the report is closed, PM the GM who handled the report.
* Report might be re-opened on the event of an appeal.

Entries here are subject to change without prior notice.

Your ZeusRO GM Team


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