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Welcome To ZeusRO!


  • ZeusRO is a brand new High-Rate/Low-Rate server, and is growing faster than ever. With an addition,ZeusRO is running on a powerful dedicated server absolutely no lag for you and a stable 24 hour server with constant updates and fixes.

We have an extremely new but close community. There has never been a better time to join the experience! All players are welcome and will be appreciated by our community. The ZeusRo
GMs work hard on providing you with a fun, balanced server, free of bots and bugs.

ZeusRO currently boasts a simple but attractive website with an easy to use layout for all players, highly active forums with fast support, a fast, stable and lagless server.

Come and join the next amazing High-Rate/Low-Rate server! It's a fast and easy install

We are looking forward for you to join this Malaysian server!!

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Update Schedule 20081205

30/11/2008 11:08
Affected Server : Both Update Date : 5 December 2008 Update Time : 11.59 PM Update : Fix EQ Break Rate Fix Low Rate PVP Arena Fix Weapon Slot Issue* Add Some Custom Quest Add Some Custom Items Add Some Custom EQ Add Some Custom Headgear Add Some Sprite *The Fix Is to Add The Actual Slot Number To...

KRO and other non sakray Installation Fix, Cant Play ZeusRO? Read!

27/11/2008 03:55
1. Open zeus.ini 2. Add "2=data.grf" (without quote) 3. If your main grf is other than sdata.grf and data.grf, use it to replace step 2.   [Data] 0=zeusro.grf 1=sdata.grf 2=data.grf  

New Low Rate Server, Grand new opening at 28Nov2008

25/11/2008 09:49
Dear Players, Zeus community is going to open a low rate server,and the grand new opening server date is on 28Nov2008. Please take note that the players whos like the Low rate,Then you can go try our Low rate server. Thanks, Best Regard, Gabriel Lim

Update Schedule

23/11/2008 03:15
Schedule Date: 23 Nov 2008 Schedule Time : 11.59 PM (Midnight) Schedule Duration : Less Than 1 Minute Latest Server Changes: 1. Item drop rate will alter to 1500x Original server 2. Mvp drop rate will alter to 500x Original server 3. Include Warper NPC 4. Changes In Skill Points NPC to disable...

Welcome to ZeusRO

14/11/2008 11:40
    Warmest Welcome to New members. Event : War Of Emperium Castle Seige Duration : 23 Nov 2008 - 24 Dec 2008 11.59 PM Details : At the end of event, the top 3 Guild with the most castle will be Winner. So call your friends and recruit Guild Members. Price : Mysterious (Every...

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